Why Timter?

Timter can help you transform the way you operate – enabling you to run a high-performance trade business.

Suitable for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, builders, roofers and more, it will deliver powerful business benefits.

Earn more without working harder

Timter can streamline your business processes, from product ordering to stock management, quoting and invoicing, making you as efficient as possible during your working day.

And we’d like to help you declare war on your paperwork!

We understand how paperwork is the bane of most trade professionals’ lives – eating into your personal time when you’d rather be relaxing after a hard day’s work. And we think it’s high time to reclaim your evenings and weekends!

Timter can help – by significantly reducing the burden of your business admin.

It can save a typical tradesperson four hours a week, freeing time for you to spend with your family or enabling you to earn at least an additional £6,000 a year.

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Enhance your professional reputation

Timter will enable you to make an excellent impression on your customers, partners and suppliers.

It can help you stand out from the rest of the pack by being exceptionally organised and efficient.

It will also enable you to provide your customers and suppliers with highly professional digital documents, from quotes to orders and invoices.

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Stay constantly up to date on your business status

Reduce the stresses of juggling multiple projects and avoid disappointing customers by being super-organised every day.

Always know what jobs you have on, what’s coming up and what actions you need to take to be as efficient as possible.

And keep on top of your invoicing to optimise your cashflow.

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Take your business where you want it to go

Timter ultimately puts you firmly in control, enabling you to run a high-performance trade business – all from your mobile phone.

Not only will it optimise your efficiency and customer relationships. It will enable you to analyse the exact profitability of each of your projects – giving you the insights to eliminate low value work and choose the most productive assignments.

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Be the ultimate trade professional.

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