Video tutorials

Watch our short videos to see how Timter wins the war on paperwork and makes light work of all the admin jobs.
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Timter mockup

Set up the app

Timter app overview

Learn how Timter turns your smartphone into your very own admin department in your pocket. So you never need to swap paying work for paperwork or play catch-up with your admin in the evenings or at weekends again.

Timter settings

Timter allows you to totally customise the app for your business. This video shows you how to configure your key information such as company details, branding, accounting, communication and professional business information to get the most out of the app.

Use the app

Add customers and create projects

Learn how to add your new and existing customers to Timter and create projects to very effectively manage all work. Stay in control of all your projects, whether fixed price or time & materials.

Time tracking

Learn how to intuitively track your time on all your projects so you know exactly where you are at any moment and no billable work is missed.


Learn how the products section is organized and how to use the search functions and add new products

My stock and My kits

Discover Timter’s very powerful and easy-to-manage stock control features for your van, garage and projects. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having the right materials for the job or ordering items you’ve already got somewhere! 
Timter My Kits offer a fantastic way of groups products together for particular types of jobs.  They are a great memory jogger for everything you need to get the job done.

Be the ultimate trade professional.

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