Timter is live!

First fully mobile business app for British tradespeople – enabling you to earn £6,000 more a year

We’re proud to be launching Timter today – the first tool specifically developed to enable Britain’s self-employed tradespeople to run their businesses entirely via their smartphones. 

It can free up a typical trade professional – from electricians to plumbers, carpenters, roofers, small builders and more – to spend an additional four hours a week earning, potentially adding at least £6,000 to their annual income.

Timter is the brainchild of Tony Short, an electrician of 30 years’ experience based near Portsmouth. Tony co-founded Tradecraft Tools Ltd in 2017 with two colleagues – specialists in technology and design – who were convinced there had to be a way to help trade professionals transform their performance. 

Tony knew first-hand that it’s tricky to juggle every aspect of running a trade business single-handedly. Ordering and managing products is time consuming. It’s hard to keep track of all your stock. And paperwork is the bane of most tradespeople’s lives – eating into their evenings and weekends.

Timter benefits

We’ve spent the last three years developing Timter to address all these issues. 

Timter enables you to earn more without working harder, win more work through an enhanced professional image and gain better control over projects.

It’s the only business tool of its kind that runs entirely on your smartphone, handling most major aspects of business management including job quoting, project planning, time tracking, product ordering, stock management and invoicing.

Timter can help you boost your earnings and cut costs by reducing inefficiencies and errors. 

For most people, full use of the app will free up at least four hours a week from admin to spend on fee-earning projects. If your hourly charge rate is £35 and you work 45 weeks a year, this could add £6,300 to your annual income – an approximately 20% increase in average pay (based on Office for National Statistics figures).

The app can also help you save hundreds of pounds in product ordering mistakes. And it records billable extras as they arise on jobs to ensure you don’t accidentally leave them off invoices.

We’re thrilled to be launching Timter after three years of intense development as the most user-friendly, versatile, mobile tradesperson’s business tool on the market.


Timter is available for free for a 45-day trial, after which you can continue to use it without charge with limited features.

A subscription to the full product after 45 days will cost £30 a month, but we’re offering a discounted monthly rate of £20 until February 2022 to help trade professionals recover from the impact of COVID-19. 

And, at £200 for subscribing for a year, you effectively get two months free. We’ll also offer the discounted rate to newly-established trade businesses beyond February 2022.

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Be the ultimate trade professional.

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