About us

Timter wasn’t born in a boardroom and it isn’t the latest product from some tech entrepreneurs looking for the next “big app”. No, Timter was the ‘brainchild’ of Tony Short, an electrician with 30 years’ experience who lives and works in the Portsmouth area.

Tony Short

Tony long felt there must be a better way of running the commercial side of his business. And, talking to his friends and contacts in the trade, he found they felt exactly the same.

So, an idea was born: a simple-to-use app that would enable individual trade professionals to take control of their entire business and maximise their commercial potential – all from the mobile in their pockets.

Tony knew he’d need a team with the right skills to make the idea a reality. So, one day back in 2015, he involved some friends in the project.

We founded Tradecraft Tools Limited in April 2017 and things started to get terribly serious and interesting.

The company’s mission is to harness digital tools and services to help transform the way British tradespeople run their businesses. We set about gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of trade professionals, collecting ideas, asking questions and prototyping possible solutions.

And so, after many stages of development, the tool we know today emerged: TIMTER, the most user-friendly, versatile, truly mobile tradesperson’s app on the market.

Be the ultimate trade professional.

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