• This is your personal profile details, your company details are listed separately


  • There are 3 cards of details here for all your company details
  • “I pay VAT” button default on, if you are not a VAT registered company and want see the prices you pay (full price including VAT)  and not all the VAT breakdowns turn off the button.
  • Company number is only for Limited companies. Ignore this field if you are a sole trader
  • VAT number for VAT registered companies
  • Copy address from your personal profile, simply select “same as in profile” button
  • Final card is your contact details


  • Spend a bit of time on your branding to truly get the best results for all the templated emails we’ve got ready for you
  • Uploading logos….. for best results
  • Document background colour gives you that little something to give your quotes, invoices and orders that bespoke look for the ultimate professional image
  • Choice of 2 carefully selected fonts helps you perfect your documents image.


  • Choose your main trade and the app will be loaded with popular products for your skill.
  • Don’t be tempted to load up with too many unnecessary trades professions, you will only end up getting frustrated with long product search results which aren’t related to your business
  • Turn on and off various trade professions as you need them, this keeps your main products at the top of your product searches
  • See “Products – add new”, barcode scan and internet search to build up your product data base to suit your company needs.

Rates and taxes

  • VAT switch, at the top of the taxes card there is a toggle switch to select between prices including and excluding VAT. The VAT content will still be displayed in most views.
  • Taxes card you can change CIS deuctions %, standard VAT rate (currently 20%), reduced VAT rate (5% see government details for more information when to apply) NB; you can not change the zero % rate (which is for new builds in the uk, see government details for more information)
  • Labour rates you can change low, medium and high rates
  • No charge labour rate is designed for free surveys and warranty work so your time can still be tracked against a project.
  • Material markup, you can change both low and high markup %, one of these values can be applied at the setup stage of a project so all future orders and allocated stock items are makedup accordingly without you having the think about it.


  • Pressing the + button you can add all of your favourite suppliers details to make emailing orders and requesting product prices super quick and easy.
  • Setup your most frequently used supplier as the default, this will always be setup as your first choice to emailing even faster.


  • pressing the + button brings up 3 cards of required information for manually setting up a new customer
  • “Import” from your phones address book is available in the top right corner of the new customer screen, once details have been imported you can edit if required and save.
  • “Its a company” button can be selected when you need the company details be shown on any documents like quotes and invoices
  • Address “current location” button is really useful if your doing a manual entry and your at the customers premises

Email templates

  • Here is where you can personalise the content of all the email templates for orders, quotation request, invoices, promormas and quotations.
  • We recommend you send some test emails first so you can understand and see how the emails are presented
  • Restore defaults are available on each template if you change your mind.

Account settings

  • Add your bank account details here so they will be automatically be displayed on your invoices and proformas.
  • Documents numbering allows you to edit the progressive numbering system for your invoices, proformas and quotations


  • Change your email address and password here

Download all account data CSV

  • This brings up all your phones sharing options so you can send your accountant an CSV of all your invoice details

Be the ultimate trade professional.

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