Where to find expenses

  • From the home screen select the project icon (briefcase) on the bottom bar
  • Select a project from pending, active and on-hold statuses, from the project overview screen scroll down to the second card “expenses” and tap “view all” in the top right corner of the card.

Adding an expense

  • From the expenses view screen tap the new expense or the + expense icon top right.
  • When filling out the expense information its useful to know that the title, amount and date is the visible info when expenses are shown as a list.

Adding an attachment

  • Choosing “add attachment” will give you a choice of taking a photo or selecting from your library, or add a file attachment.

Deleting an expense

  • From project overview scroll down to see your expense card and a list of expenses for the project. The expense you wish to delete can be side swiped left to reveal the delete option, tap to delete.

Invoicing expenses

  • After selecting the project you want to invoice and you are at the new invoice screen, scroll down to the second card “line items” tap new line item, then tap “select items to invoice” at the bottom, then select expenses. Here you will see all of your uninvoiced expenses for this project, tap the empty circle to the left of an expense to select (tap again to deselect) You can select one individual expense to show on its own line in the invoice or select multiple expenses to group together and show as a total line in the invoice.

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