Managing your stock

Keep all your stock held products in ‘My stock’.

All products are displayed in list format with an image (if available) and the most important information. Tap the product line to view the full product information.

Products are listed in alphabetical order. The categories can be expanded or reduced using the triangular arrow to the right of the category title.

The ‘Used up’ category is found at the bottom of the list and is a useful indicator of stock products that have run out: instead of the product disappearing from your stock, it’s saved here for you to delete from your stock or restock.

Selecting ‘restock’ displays the product information with a quantity selector:  use the + or – buttons, or tap the quantity number to use the numeric key pad quickly to select high amounts. Once you’re happy, press ‘Done’ and it will be added to your ‘My stock’ basket as a draft order.

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