Setting up new projects

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  • To add a customer, enter the details manually or import them from your phone contacts
  • The project name is a reference to help you identify it – useful when running multiple projects for the same customer
  • Project purpose is a brief description of the project


  • If you’re at the project location, the ‘use current’ button will download address details easily and quickly, and you can edit them if necessary. Or enter the address manually


  • Project information – use this for any additional information
  • Start date – always useful to record; use the helpful ‘spinner’ for quick entry
  • Project status will help you manage your workload commitments. The status groups have been designed to avoid non-productive projects being mixed with important, productive ones:
    • Pending – keep quoted projects here until they’ve been approved and you’ve agreed a start date
    • Active – this is for all your live projects that need your constant attention
    • On hold – for active projects that have stopped because of technical or financial issues, or because they have a long return date and you want to keep your active project list smaller


  • Type – choose from ‘Fixed’ or ‘Time & materials’ depending on what you’ve agreed with your customer
  • Materials markup – choose your prefixed low or high markup percentages (which can be set up in Settings/Rates & taxes). Once you’ve set this for a project, all products assigned to it will automatically have the markup applied.
  • Note: If you show your customer products on your phone, the price will be marked up but be aware of where you’re viewing the product. If you’re viewing the project basket, prices will be marked up with your selected high or low choice for that project only. If you’re viewing them from ‘Browse products’ or ‘Stock’, the markup will be high by default. High and low markups can be changed in Settings/Rates & taxes

Labour rate

  • The labour rate you choose will be the default rate for your project, but you can select any rate when inputting a time entry
  • If you have multiple people on the job, you can customise their rates as a default project labour rate or a one-off entry

VAT rate

  • Select the correct VAT rate for your project – new builds have a zero rate and other special projects might be at 5%
  • Rates can be changed in Settings/Rates & taxes

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