Getting started

An overview of how to get started using Timter.

Why am I asked what job I do?

Tell us what kind of work you do by selecting one or more professions to allow Timter to tailor the app experience for you in areas such as relevant products.


  • Choose your main trade and the app will load with relevant products
  • Don’t be tempted to add too many professions – you’ll end up with long product search results which aren’t relevant
  • Turn professions on and off as you need them to keep your main products at the top of your searches
  • See ‘Products – add new’, barcode scan and internet search to build up your product database to suit your needs


  • Spend some time on your branding to get the best results from the template emails we’ve prepared
  • Upload your logos and set the document background colour to give your quotes, invoices and orders a bespoke look for the ultimate professional image
  • Choose from two fonts to perfect your document image

Be the ultimate trade professional.

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